All Christian Believers’ Fellowship

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Christ Gospel City is an international church located in the Nordweststadt.

It belongs to the German Union of free pentecostal churches (BFP). The leader is Pastor Samuel Turkson from Ghana, who is also a member of the municipal migration council. In 2014, Eric Gyamerah war appointed co-pastor.

Until September 2016 it was called All Christian Believer's Fellowship, ACBF.


Sunday 89.00 h 
in Russian and German language
Sunday 11.00 h 
in English and German language


The church building
Bienwaldstraße 36 (Nordweststadt)
76187 Karlsruhe
phone: (07 21) 33 574 33
e-mail: acbf(at)
(H)  next stop: Kurt-Schumacher-Straße    

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