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The art Karlsruhe is a yearly exhibition for modern art at the Messe Karlsruhe.


Even after the successful art Karlsruhe to date with 38,000 visitors, the forthcoming sixth fair promises yet another increase in its appeal. Under the motto “Great art guaranteed!” it will be laying on surprises from 5 to 8 March 2009 without deviating from the proven concept of a well-balanced presence of contemporary and classic modern art paintings and sculptures. For the first time this art stage set by project manager and fair curator Ewald Karl Schrade will be occupying all four of the exhibition centre's halls.

Even though 300 international galleries applied to take part in 2008 the number of potential exhibitors rose by another 50 this time round. The committee has selected a total of 208 exhibitors. On board besides Ewald Karl Schrade were the art critic Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz (Wiesbaden) and gallery owners Angelika Harthan (Stuttgart), Wolfgang Henze (Wichtrach/Bern), Dorothea van der Koelen (Mainz), and Werner Tammen (Berlin).

Next spring more than 20 specialists for editions, graphic reproductions, multiples, and photography will now be putting up their portfolios for sale in Hall 1 under one roof with the special showcase on the Berlin collection of contemporary photography by Arthur de Ganay and the exhibitions connected with the Hans Platschek Prize for Art and Writing (award ceremony on 5 March), awarded last year for the first time. This takes place next to the redesigned art meeting (5 and 6 March) and the Museum Mile.

This leaves the former location in the dm-arena by no means empty as another special showcase offers extraordinary art happenings: with support from the Senate of Berlin, 15 galleries from the German capital are each being given the opportunity to hold a one-artist show on 25 m² under the stewardship of the Regional Association of Berlin Galleries. Apropos of one-artist shows: for the second time the state of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Karlsruhe are endowing the art Karlsruhe Prize, awarded to the artist and gallery with the best individual presentation (6 March). The prize money of 15,000 € serves to purchase art works from the chosen display to add to the art Karlsruhe Collection.

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