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Disambig-50px.png This article is about the street Bismarckstraße in Karlsruhe-Innenstadt-West. For other uses, see Bismarckstraße (disambiguation).

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The Bismarckstraße is a street in Karlsruhe.


The street starts at Hans-Thoma-Straße and runs to the Reinhold-Frank-Straße.

House numbers

 House number
AAAA-Hotelwelt Kübler39–43
Allvitalis Traumhotel39–43
Villa am Park39–43
Hotel Kübler39–43
Kübler Stars39–43


to the south

The street is part of the historical Grünwinkler Allee of the Karlsruher Fächer.

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Name of street

The street is named after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898).

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