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Steuerberater Dieter Heinrich & Kollegen are tax advisors in Karlsruhe, Weststadt. The partnership ist listed under profession register number 770134.

Scale of business

Business start-up

Help and support during business start-up. This includes setting up of a business plan (forecasts for rentability, liquidity, etc.), appliance für start-up subvention, tax registration and review of membership with employers' liability insurance association.

Financial accounting

The keeping of the books covers the processing of business transactions, tax computation (vat) and financial analysis (BWA, Controllingreport). The procesing can be done by the tax consultant or the business itself. These files are the basis for the confirmation of reaching set goals.. The bookkeeping processes receipts, casg register protocols and bank statements. These can be supplied as paper or electronically.

Personnel accounting

Pay slip

The personnel accountiung covers the production of pay slips, tax computaion (pay-as-you-earn) and filing of national insurance payments.

Aditional filings

The additional filings are getting more complex every year. ELENA is used to file information on working time, earnings and circumstances of layoff. Filing is mandatory by law. Employers' liability insurance asociations expect data on each employee concerning worktime and earnings submittet via DEÜV, additionally the overall worktime and earnings of the enterprise are to file separatly. National insurance get's information about begin and ending of employment and the earnings. Due to the employers duty of paying during sickness and the partial reimbursement by national insurance data has to be filled with these. Soon data needed for the computation of welfare benefits has to be filed electronically using EEL. On top Employes need certificates concerning their earnings for various other reasons.

Pay slip for building businesses

The personnel accounitng for building businesses covers additional filings. Contributions and reimbursements have to be filed to the national insurance system for building businesses. Monthly payments have to be filed and fullfilled. This pays compensation for taking in apprentices and taken vacation.

Year-end accounts

The year-end accounts result from the bookkeeping and are set up after the end of the business-cycle. It includes the balance sheet, the statement of profit and loss and possible aditions. It informs about the situation and success. The data has, under certain circumstances, to be made public electronically at the Bundesanzeiger. Everybody can view this data using the internet without cost. Priority has to be only to show the data necessary to prevent business disadvantages.

Tax return

Handling of income and transaction tax returns and simplified statement of profit and loss.


Handling of business audits and other audits (national insurnce, pay-as-you-earn, employers' liability insurance association, artists special national insurance, income tax, transaction tax) and some aditional voluntary audits (dual system germany - recycling system). Audits can often take place at the tax advisors place, most informations needed are at hand and a fast reaction is secured.

Privat person

For privat persons the tax return is handled, pensions/rents and renting earnings declared. If no tax is aplliable it migth be possible to delete the tax account or to apply for a 3-year certificate. Consulting also covers declaration of non interest-rebate and choice of the class of pay-as-you-earn deductions.

Also if no tax retrun has to be filed it may be a good idea to do nonetheless. There is a reason for these many deadlines to mett.


  • interfaces to and fro book keeping and personnel accounting
  • tax comparisons



Since 2009 „Steuerberater Dieter Heinrich & Kollegen“. Former names:

  • „Dieter Heinrich - Steuerberater“ until 2002
  • „Heinrich & de Wit-Heinrich - Steuerberater“ until 2009


Dieter Heinrich

Original founder is Betriebswirt (grad.) Dieter Heinrich. Dieter Heinrich is appointed Tax Advisor in Baden-Württemberg and is listed under profession register number 112273.

Thomas Heinrich

Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) Thomas Heinrich is partner at Dieter Heinrich and Kollegen since 2002. Thomas Heinrich is appointed Tax Advisor in Baden-Württemberg and is listed under profession register number 114745.

Tobias Heinrich

Dipl. Informatiker (FH) Tobias Heinrich is partner at Dieter Heinrich & Kollegen since 2009. Tobias Heinrich is appointed Tax Advisor in Baden-Württemberg and listed under profession register number 115685.


Dieter Heinrich & Kollegen
Weltzienstraße 36 (Weststadt)
76135 Karlsruhe
phone: (07 21) 83 10 4-0
fax: (07 21) 83 10 4-20
e-mail: kanzlei(at)


  • approaching via highway "Autobahn"
    • coming from direction Basel, Frankfurt and Stuttgart
      • coming from direction Stuttgart change highways at the three-leg interchange Karlsruhe chosing the A5 direction Frankfurt
      • Exit Karlsruhe-Mitte in directon Rheinhafen / Landau
      • Exit number 6 (Bannwaldalle, Weststadt)
      • at the ligths turn rigth direction Weststadt entering B10
      • turn rigth at the 3. Street (Weltzienstraße)
      • passing ca. 150 m at the rigth side theres number 36 /the red one)
    • coming from direction Landau
      • Exit number 6 (Bannwaldalle, Weststadt)
      • at the second ligths turn left direction Weststadt following the B10
      • turn rigth at the 3. Street (Weltzienstraße)
      • passing ca. 150 m at the rigth side theres number 36 /the red one)
(H)  next stop: Hübschstraße    
  • walk ca. 50m along the Kriegsstraße keep the inner city at your back
  • turn left into Weltzienstraße
      • passing ca. 150 m at the rigth side theres number 36 /the red one)