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Disambig-50px.png This article is about the street Herrenstraße in Karlsruhe-Innenstadt-West. For other uses, see Herrenstraße (disambiguation).

The Herrenstraße is a street in Karlsruhe.


The street starts at the south of the Schloßplatz and ends at the square Karlstor.

House numbers

 House number
Erbgroßherzogliches Palais45a
Bildungsverein Region Karlsruhe52


The street is part of the Karlsruher Fächer.

(H)  next stop: Herrenstraße    

The stop “Herrenstraße” is in the Kaiserstraße.

(H)  next stop: Karlstor    

at the southern end of the street


The street is known for the antique shops.

Name of street

The street is named after the Ritterherren des Fidelitasordens (translated literally “Knights of the Order of the Fidelity”)

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