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The Holidays in Karlsruhe in the year 2010.


General Public Holidays 2010

New Year
German: Neujahrstag: Friday, 1 January
German: Heilige Drei Könige: Wednesday, 6 January
Good Friday
German: Karfreitag: Friday, 2 April
Easter Monday
German: Ostermontag: Monday, 5 April
Labour Day
German: Tag der Arbeit: Saturday, 1 May
Ascension Day
German: Christi Himmelfahrt: Thursday, 13 May
Whit Monday (Pentecost Monday)
German: Pfingstmontag: Monday, 24 May
Corpus Christi
German: Fronleichnam: Thursday, 3 June
National Holiday (Unification Day)
German: Tag der Deutschen Einheit: Sunday, 3 October
All Saints' Day
German: Allerheiligen: Monday, 1 November
Advent Sunday
German: Adventssonntag, 1. Advent: 28 November
Christmas Day
German: 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag: Saturday, 25 December
Boxing Day
German: 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag: Sunday, 26 December

Not a public holiday, but shops are closing like on saturdays:

New Year's Eve
German: Silvester: Friday, 31 December

School Holidays

Given is the first and the last day of the school holidays:

23 Dec 2009 – 09 Jan 2010
15 Feb 2010 – 19 Feb 2010
6 Apr – 10 Apr
25 May - 5 Jun
29 Jul - 11 Sep

Christian Holidays 2010

The following Christian holidays are not public holidays in Karlsruhe:

Maundy Thursday
German: Gründonnerstag: 1 April
Holy Saturday
German: Karsamstag: 3 April (shops open like on normal Saturdays)
Reformation Day
German: Reformationstag: Sunday, 31 October
Repentance Day
German: Buß- und Bettag: Wednesday, 17. November: used to be a public holiday until 1994
Christmas Eve
German: Heiliger Abend: Friday, 24 December (shops open like on Saturdays)

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