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The Karlsruher SC (short: KSC, offically: Karlsruher Sport-Club Mühlburg-Phönix e.V.) is a sports club.

KSC today

The KSC is well known for its first league football team (Bundesliga).

The KSC has several football teams (men, women, boys, girls). Since 1922 it has also a athletics departement and since 1959 a boxing departement.

The Bundesliga games take place in the Wildparkstadion.


Adenauerring 17 (Innenstadt-Ost)
76131 Karlsruhe
phone: (0721) 9 64 34 50
fax: (0721) 9 64 34 69
e-mail: online(at)ksc.de

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