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Disambig-50px.png This article is about the street Kaiserallee in Karlsruhe-Weststadt. For other uses, see Kaiserallee (disambiguation).

Kaiserallee at Mühlburger Tor, looking towards Lessingstraße

Kaiserallee (translated literally “Emperor's Avenue”) is a street in Karlsruhe.


The street begins at Mühlburger Tor as the western continuation of Kaiserstraße. From there, it leads as a major east-west thoroughfare to Philippstraße in the city district of Mühlburg, from where it continues as Rheinstraße.

House numbers

 House number
Trompeter von Säckingen9


The major part of Kaiserallee between Mühlburger Tor and the crossing with Herderstraße/Händelstraße extends through the city district of Weststadt. The part west of this crossing to Philippstraße lies within Mühlburg.

Public Transport

There are several tram stops on Kaiserallee, e.g.

(H)  next stop: Mühlburger Tor    
(H)  next stop: Yorckstraße    


Street name

The street is named after Wilhelm I, German Emperor (German: Deutscher Kaiser).


Kaiserallee received its current name in 1886. Previously it had borne the names Mühlburger Straße, Mühlburger Chaussee and Mühlburger Landstraße.

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