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Karlsruhe (population 285,812 in 2006) is a city in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). Founded in 1715, it became the capital of Baden until 1945. In 1950, Karlsruhe became the seat of the two highest courts of justice in Germany: the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Court of Justice. Therefore, Karlsruhe bears the slogan “residence of justice”. The city is also nicknamed Die Fächerstadt (translated literally “the fan city”) because of its layout, with the tower of the Palace at the center and 32 streets radiating out from it like spokes on a wheel, or ribs on a folding fan.


Karlsruhe is one of the cities with the highest year round temperatures in Germany, averaging at a temperature of 10.7 °C. Located in the Upper Rhine rift, the summer time often bears muggy weather conditions. Winter is generally pretty mild. On average, the temperature will stay below freezing point for about 17 days per year. The highest temperates ever recorded in Karlsruhe reached 40.2 °C on 9 August and 14 August 2003. The lowest recorded temperatures were -25.6 °C on 18 January 1940.


The city was named for Margrave Karl Wilhelm (Charles William) of Baden-Durlach, who founded the city on 17 June 1715. Legend says that Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach was out for a walk in the forest and lay down to take a nap, when he had a dream about a new town with streets arranged like a folding fan and a magnificent palace in its center. He then decided to make that dream become reality, hence the name Karlsruhe, which loosely translates to “Charles' rest”.

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The marketplace with the pyramid and the town hall

Karlsruhe offers several local attractions and recreational areas, such as the Stadtgarten and the Zoo, the Market Square with the stone pyramid marking the grave of the city's founder, the Karlsruhe Palace, the Botanical Garden, as well as numerous churches, parks and fountains.

Located in the vicinity of touristic regions like the Black Forest, the Kraichgau, the Anterior Palatinate (Vorderpfalz), Alsace, the Palatinate Forest and the Vosges, all being within a close enough distance for day trips or a getaway vacation.


Badisches Staatstheater

Karlsruhe offers a lot of cultural diversities, for instance the Staatstheater and the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, but also provides subcultures as the Substage or the Tollhaus.


year people (total)[1] Evangelical Church Roman Catholic others/none
1900 97,185 52.8 % 43.4 % 3.8 %
1950 198,840 51.7 % 44.4 % 3.8 %
1970 259,245 48.5 % 43.9 % 7.6 %
1987 125,705 41.3 % 41.3 % 17.4 %
2000 268,651 34.3 % 36.0 % 29.7 %
2007 278,047 31.2 % 33.3 % 35.5 %

Englisch-language churches

For a list of churches with celebrations in English, see church.

Famous People

Karlsruhe is the birth- and living place of famous people and inventors, such as Carl Benz, Karl Drais and Friedrich Weinbrenner.

27 Districts

Karlsruhe is divided into 27 districts, e.g. Durlach, Innenstadt (town centre), Innenstadt (Old Town), Knielingen, Neureut, Rüppurr, Südstadt, Südweststadt and Weststadt.

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Born in Karlsruhe

 Year of birthYear of death
Karl Friedrich von Baden17281811

Died in Karlsruhe

 Year of birthYear of death
Karl Friedrich von Baden17281811
Karl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach16791738
Franz Sales Meyer18491927

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