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The Kongresszentrum Karlsruhe (“Karlsruhe Convention Center”) is a venue for congresses, concerts and other events in Karlsruhe.


Around the Festplatz are several buildings: the Schwarzwaldhalle, Gartenhalle, Nancyhalle, Konzerthaus, Stadthalle and the Novotel Karlsruhe Kongress, they all belong to the Kongresszentrum.

The venues of the Kongresszentrum are operated by the Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH (KMK).


Starting 1985 only the building of the Stadthalle was called Kongresszentrum.

In 2008 the Stadthalle is called Stadthalle again and the group of venues in total is called Kongresszentrum, this is a bit confusing.


Kongresszentrum Karlsruhe
Festplatz 4 (Südweststadt)
76137 Karlsruhe


The Kongresszentrum is located around the Festplatz in Karlsruhe-Südweststadt near the Ettlinger Tor, the Baden State Theatre and the Zoological gardens.


There is a underground car park at the Festplatz. The car park is called "Kongreßzentrum".

Public Transport

From the Hauptbahnhof take the city railway 2, S1, S11, S4, S41 to "Kongresszentrum".

(H)  next stop: Kongresszentrum    

The second stop is not directly connected to the main station:

(H)  next stop: Konzerthaus    

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