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Karlsruhe Rhine Port

The Rheinhafen (English: Karlsruhe Rhine Port) is the harbour of Karlsruhe since 1901.


Oil Terminal

On 22nd April 1901 the Rhine Port was opened to traffic.

The Oil Terminal (German: Ölhafen) started operations in 1963.

Together they are called “Karlsruhe Rhine Ports” (German: Rheinhäfen).


The Karlsruhe Rhine Ports are operated by Karlsruhe Versorgungs-, Verkehrs- und Hafen GmbH (KVVH), Rhine Ports Division”.


KVVH, Rhine Ports Division
Werftstraße 2 (Mühlburg)
76189 Karlsruhe
phone: (0721) 5 99 74 00
fax: (0721) 5 99 74 09
e-mail: rhhka(at)rheinhafen.de

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