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Disambig-50px.png This article is about the street Kriegsstraße in Karlsruhe. For other uses, see Kriegsstraße (disambiguation).

Kriegsstraße (translated literally “War Street”) is a street in Karlsruhe.


Kriegsstraße is a main east-west thorougfare through Karlsruhe. It begins at Wolfartsweierer Straße and leads westward via Mendelssohnplatz, Ettlinger Tor and Karlstor, crosses Reinhold-Frank-Straße (to the north)/Brauerstraße (to the south) and continues via Weinbrennerplatz to Kühler Krug and Südtangente.

In 2007, the main carriageways of Kriegsstraße east of Mendelssohnplatz were renamed Ludwig-Erhard-Allee. The frontage road on the north side (which was the original carriageway of the eastern part of Kriegsstraße), however, kept its old name. As this frontage road only exists east of Ostendstraße, this has left Kriegsstraße with a gap between Ostendstraße and Mendelssohnplatz.


For much of its extent, Kriegsstraße forms a border between city districts on its northern and southern side. As a result, the street touches on or leads through the districts of Oststadt, Südstadt, Innenstadt-Ost, Innenstadt-West, Südweststadt and Weststadt.

Public Transport

There are several tram stops on Kriegsstraße, e.g.

(H)  next stop: Ettlinger Tor    
(H)  next stop: Karlstor    
(H)  next stop: Weinbrennerplatz    

History and origin of street name

Kriegsstraße was originally built between 1799 and 1805 outside of what was then Karlsruhe so that French troops marching through could bypass the city on the south, hence its name.

In the 1960s, the street between Mendelssohnplatz and Reinhold-Frank-Straße (and to a lesser extent also the section westward to Weinbrennerplatz) were "improved" into something resembling an urban motorway, with underpasses at Ettlinger Tor and Karlstor.