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A city wiki for the Region of Karlsruhe. Please participate.

Warm Welcome

On the 28th of October 2008, a new regional portal (without commercial advertising) opened which informs the readers about the city and region of Karlsruhe.

This portal has been online since 2004 in the German language, now French and English were added.

  What is special about this city wiki?

The city wiki (German: Stadtwiki) is a component of the so called “Participants Internet”. And now you can add your contents and questions regarding the city and region of Karlsruhe. There is no editorial team, but there are rules to follow which have developed over the last four years.

There are already 315 articles in the Stadtwiki Karlsruhe and the number is growing.

Region of Karlsruhe

Information about accommodation

Information about eating and drinking

Information about agencies

Who is responsible for what?

Information about service providers

Where can I find an English speaking

Information about shopping

  • I am homesick, where can I find specialities from my country?
  • I am looking for Karlsruhe specialities and souvenirs, where can I find these?

Information about the infrastructure

Information about recreational activities

  • What can I do here?
  • I would like to explore the city:
    • city sightseeing tours
    • virtual city sightseeing tours (in the Stadtwiki)
  • Information about cultural topics
    • architecture in Karlsruhe
    • museums in Karlsruhe
  • My stay will be an extended one, where I can I take a day trip to?
    • travel with the train in the morning, back in the evening, and to where?
      (Alternatively 50 km with an automobile)
  • see also Portal:Tourism

More information

  • Consulates and Embassies.
  • Church services (in English).
  • City Partnerships in the English language region including clubs and associations.
  • English and American institutions.
  • former U.S. Military Installations (and references pertaining to subsequent use of these installations).

First steps

What is this Stadtwiki? Please read the article Stadtwiki:Welcome.