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Disambig-50px.png This article is about the street Moltkestraße in Karlsruhe. For other uses, see Moltkestraße (disambiguation).

The Moltkestraße is a street in Karlsruhe.


The street starts at Hans-Thoma-Straße and runs to the Hertzstraße.

House numbers

 House number
Jugendherberge Karlsruhe24


The historical Mühlburger Allee of the Karlsruher Fächer is part of the street.

The street stretches out over the districts Innenstadt-West, Weststadt, Nordstadt, Nordweststadt, and Mühlburg.

Public transport

(H)  next stop: Kunstakademie    
(H)  next stop: Städtisches Klinikum    
(H)  next stop: Kußmaulstraße    
(H)  next stop: Hertzstraße    

Name of street

The street is named after the Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth von Moltke the Elder (1800-1891) and the lawyer Helmuth James Graf von Moltke (1907-1945), a member of the opposition against Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

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