Saint Columban’s Mission

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Old-catholic church, seen approaching from Mühlburger Tor. For Luisenheim, follow the street left of the church.

Saint Columban’s Mission is a christian congregation in Karlsruhe, based in anglican tradition.

The Karlsruhe ministry was started by “The Church of St Augustine of Canterbury”, Wiesbaden and is a member of the “Council of Anglican Episcopal Churches in Germany” as well as of the local Council of christian churches ACK.

Services are usually on the first sunday every month at 11:30 in Weststadt, either in the old-catholic church or in the nearby chapel of Luisenheim.


The Rev. Dr. Hanns Engelhardt
Stephanienstraße 72 (Innenstadt-West)
76133 Karlsruhe
phone: (0721) 2 83 79
e-mail: priest(at)
Luisenheim chapel
Kochstraße 4
(H)  next stop: Mühlburger Tor    

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