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Welcome to the Stadtwiki Karlsruhe (City Wiki)

In the autumn of 2008, a new regional portal will be opened which will inform our readers about the city and region of Karlsruhe - without commercial advertising.

This portal has been online since 2004 in the German language , now and English will be added; further languages are planned for 2009.

What is special about this city wiki?

The city wiki (German: Stadtwiki) is a component of the so called 'Participants Internet'. And now you can add your contents and questions regarding the city and region of Karlsruhe in this beta phase. There is no editorial staff, but there are rules to follow which have developed in the course of the last four years.

Which goals does the Stadtwiki Karlsruhe pursue?

General information

The contents have to be advert-free and neutral (Neutral point of view). All contents have a clear reference to the region of Karlsruhe. The articles stand under a non-commercial, but free license (CC-by-nc-sa-2.5). Thus it is guaranteed that the contents of the Stadtwiki can be expanded by everyone, however no one person earns money from their content. The Stadtwiki is not collection of web links, for this go to the DMOZ. The Stadtwiki does not want to be a copy of other Websites.

Since the Stadtwiki places regional topics in the foreground, one finds under the keyword “fountain” which fountains are given and a reference to the Wikipedia, because the functionalities of a fountain are already described there.

The Stadtwiki in English primarily addresses residents and visitors of Karlsruhe who feel more comfortable with the English rather than the German language - and of course all others looking for information about the city and region of Karlsruhe in English.

Which priority topics are to be archived into this Wiki?

Information about staying overnight

  • How do I find an apartment?
  • Where are the camping sites located?
  • Private pensions (Bed & Breakfast)
  • Pensions
  • Hotels

Information about eating and drinking

  • Where to go?

Information about agencies

Who is responsible for what?

  • Registration office, foreign resident authority, tourism office
  • Point of contact for foreign students

Information about service providers

Where can I find an English speaking

  • Physician?
  • Attorney?
  • Interpreter?

Information about shopping

  • I am homesick, where can I find specialities from my country?
  • I am looking for Karlsruhe specialities and souvenirs, where can I find these?

Information about the infrastructure

  • Where is the Herrenstraße?
  • Which tram station can I find there?
  • Where can I find a car park?
  • Where can I rent a car, motorcycle or bicycle?
  • Things, that are somewhat different:
    • how do the bus and train work?
    • how does ecological waste separation work?

Information about recreational activities

  • What can I do here?
    • parks and zoos in the region
    • sports facilities, quarry lakes
  • I would like to explore the city:
    • city sightseeing tours
    • virtual city sightseeing tours (in the Stadtwiki)
  • Information about cultural topics
    • architecture in Karlsruhe
    • museums in Karlsruhe
  • My stay will be an extended one, where I can I take a day trip to?
    • travel with the train in the morning, back in the evening, and to where?
      (Alternatively 50 km with an automobile)

More information

  • Consulates and Embassies
  • Church services in English
  • City Partnerships in the English language region including clubs and associations
  • English and American installations.
  • former US installations (and references pertaining to subsequent use of these installations)


Since there is no editorial staff, somebody has to archive the information here themselves - including you. If everyone contributes a little, a helpful portal will soon develop.

Help us with your input. If you have questions, simply email us or attend one of our get-togethers.

We are looking for the following authors now

  • Native speakers, who are staying or once resided in Karlsruhe and of course those native speakers that plan to come here
  • Karlsruhe residents, which have good knowledge of the language; also pupils and students, that are studying these languages (major field of study)

Authors should have knowledge or experience relating to the above listed conditions - or who have fun with the language, in order to correct grammatical and stylistic unpleasantries from the texts. Ideally both.

To live in Karlsruhe is of advantage, but principally only an internet connection is necessary.

The City Wiki will not become a translation of the Stadtwiki Karlsruhe.