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Schleuse building

Steiger International is a christian organisation that is focused on reaching the youth in non-churched environments.


It emerged from the activities of David Pierce among punks in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the 1980ies, and his music band “No Longer Music”. In 2008 there are bases in the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Brazil, the United States and New Zealand.

In the beginning, the meetings took place on a houseboat which address was Steiger 14 (Dutch for pier 14), this name was kept for all bases and the organisation.

Steiger Karlsruhe

In Karlsruhe, the Steiger congregation runs the Schleuse (pound lock), a living community for young people in an old house in the city, the discipleship schools Lift and Fuel, and the music label Pleitegeier records”.

Church services are on sundays at 11:00.

tea party
the church room in a cellar vault


Steiger International Office
Hirschstraße 19 (Innenstadt-West)
76133 Karlsruhe
phone: (0721) 830 62 02
e-mail: intoffice(at)
(H)  next stop: Europaplatz    

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