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Protestantic church in the center of Zaisenhausen

Zaisenhausen is a town in the Landkreis Karlsruhe. With about 1750 Inhabitants, it is the smallest town in the Landkreis.

Culture and places of interest

One of the most remarkable buildigs is the protestantic church in the centre of Zaisenhausen. There is also a loop road with twenty-three Stations which describe important buildings or general topics of local history.


First mentioned in 911, Zaisenhausen was influenced by Maulbronn Monastery for severel centuries, before the town changed ownership first to Württemberg, then to Kurpfalz and finally to Baden.

The poet Samuel Friedrich Sauter (1766-1846) lived in Zaisenhausen between 1816 and 1841, where he worked als schoolmaster in the local school and created much of his literature.


Zaisenhausen can be reached by Stadtbahn  S4  or by car via Bundesstraße 293. There is also a road from and to to Kraichtal.

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